Discover WELLDONE UGALI Super Quality Maize Meal Premium Grade 1 Fortified with Vitamins and Minerals Full of Power Full of Goodness

WELLDONE UGALI Super Quality Premium Grade 1 Maize Meal The Best Choice in the market so far ! So White, Creamy, Fluffy and Tasty too. Discover Welldone Ugali next time you shop for Maize Flour Meal. Welldone Ugali is suitable for Breakfast Uji/Porridge, Lunch and Dinner Ugali/Sima. Welldone Ugali goes with any combination whether be it vegetables, sukuma wiki, mchicha, fish, meat or chicken in the form of curry/stew or
cooked/grilled dry as you and your family like it! Explore and Discover Welldone Ugali today Welldone Ugali maize meal is made from the finest white maize, carefully selected and handled kernels, using a controlled process to ensure a product of Premium Quality and Nutrition. Our Maize meal is fortified with Vitamins and Minerals to enhance the nutritional value of your favorite meal whether it is Uji/Porridge for Breakfast or Ugali/Posho for Lunch or Dinner. We have put in place thorough and adequate checks and balances in our milling processes from raw material purchase to raw material cleaning to milling and packing. We also manage our sales and distribution channels to ensure we deliver to your favourite Duka/Shop or Supermarket adequate supplies. We aim to Freshly Mill Welldone Ugali maize meal Daily.

We place reasonable importance to health and safety of our customers and team members. We endeavor to embed all our core values in our business. We will achieve this by ensuring our team members undergo continuous training and education to keep them updated and knowledgeable.